Environmental Protection

The environmental protection is one of the key areas of the corporate social responsibility of AgroZem Holding. Our group of companies actively uses natural resources. That is why it has a great responsibility for the environment. One of the components of the complex environmental approach is the rational use of fertilizers, products for plant protection and animal wastes treatment.

The group of companies operates in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation in terms of labor protection, industrial safety, and environmental protection. In addition, we provide training and education of employees on environmental issues. We also pay considerable attention to the professional development of employees in this area.

AgroZem Holding constantly analyzes global trends in organic production in agriculture and implements them in its production.

Labor Protection

Our employees are the main asset of the company. Our group of companies takes care about our employees and their families living in the regions of our presence as much as possible.

The company’s corporate ethics is based on hiring staff from the areas of our activity. This allows creating new jobs in the regions for permanent residents. If necessary, we involve narrow specialists from other areas, providing them with housing and transportation. The program of our company aimed at hiring and training young specialists creates the strong base for reviving and improving the life of villages, as well as development and prosperity of the Ukrainian agrarian sector.

AgroZem Holding adheres to the rules of labor and social relations in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and always fulfills its obligations to its employees. We provide them with decent working conditions and competitive wages.

The group of companies regularly organizes professional and advanced training for its employees, and takes care about their safety.

Land Owners

AgroZem Holding is attracting new land owners and maintaining positive relations with the existing ones. The company analyzes the land rent in the region and pays its land owners the rent that is competitive in the region.

Our land owners can buy our products at cost price. The company also helps land owners to cultivate their own land and constantly provides them with charitable support in difficult situations.

Rural Community

AgroZem Holding takes care about developing the regions of its presence and pursues the policy of improving Ukrainian villages.

Supporting the development of the village and its infrastructure, as well as creating the relevant conditions for people to live and work in villages are the key to identifying promising employees for the company, as well as supporting the company by the community and local authorities.

During 2015-2020, the company sponsored the following events:

  • Repairing and maintaining fire stations and purchase of fire engines,
  • Repairing schools and kindergartens, providing them with food products on a regular basis,
  • Repairing and re-equipping homes for the elderly people, as well as providing them with food products,
  • Sponsoring local football teams, chess club, and other children’s clubs,
  • Equipping a computer class in a secondary school in the village of Voronky,
  • Sponsoring local cultural events like the village day, fairs, festivals, New Year and Easter celebrations,
  • Repairing village roads,
  • Providing village councils with financial assistance when resolving urgent issues, and
  • Providing shareholders with charity in case of child birth or funerals.