Crop production


AgroZem Holding grows its crops in the Chernihiv and Kyiv Regions. We cultivate 8,200 hectares of land.

Our group of companies specializes in growing the following crops:

  • Corn grain (DSTU-4525: 2006)
  • Sunflower seeds (DSTU 7011: 2009)
  • Winter wheat (DSTU 3768: 2019)
  • Spring barley (DSTU 3769-98)
  • Soy
  • Fodder crops (corn for silage, medic, rye).

In order to ensure the high-quality grain and yield, the company uses modern mineral fertilizers, the best seeds, and efficient protection against weeds and pests.

We have a number of advantages that help us to develop as a modern and highly efficient agricultural holding. They are

  1. European level of crop yield,
  2. Highly qualified staff,
  3. High quality varieties of MONSANTO/SYNGENTA seeds,
  4. Modern information and organizational technologies,
  5. Modern agricultural machinery.

Modern Technologies

AgroZem Holding uses modern agricultural technologies, which improves the economic efficiency of the company and crop yields.

Our group of companies constantly invests in modern agricultural machinery and specialized equipment from leading global brands. We use the most ecological equipment even among foreign analogs. This allows taking the maximum care of the cultivated land.

The grain drying complex completely renovated in 2017 is fitted with the Italian Scolari equipment. It dries the grain in a careful mode, and the full automation reduces the interference of the human factor in technological processes.

We use modern IT solutions to control agricultural production. The Cropio system monitors the cultivated area online. This helps us to predict the time for fertilization, sowing and harvesting, as well as to monitor the work and movement of agricultural machinery.

We always aim at maintaining the production automation like global agro-industrial companies. We have already automated gas stations, weighing stations, warehouses, and the management and accounting system.